Foreclosure Services

The foreclosure process in Maryland is replete with shifting timelines and ever present regulatory and reputational risk. The Badaki Law Firm, LLC has foreclosure attorneys who have the knowledge and experience to assist you through the web of regulations and legal procedures so as to enable you to achieve your default related objectives as quickly and efficiently as possible. .

Default Related Legal Services

Our practice provides top quality end-to-end default related legal services including foreclosure, bankruptcy, loss mitigation (e.g. loan modifications, short sales, and deeds-in-lieu), and REO-related legal services including eviction, REO closing and related litigation. We are also able to provide REO asset management and liquidation services through.

The Maryland Foreclosure Timeline

A lender may foreclose on a mortgage if there is a default in the mortgage or deed of trusts by sending out a Notice of Intent to Foreclose 45 days after the default. The lender, after 90 days of default, is able to file an Order to docket along with documents and affidavits with the court proving the right to foreclose.  Maryland Law allows you to request foreclosure mediation but there are very strict deadlines associated with this. For more on the Maryland Foreclosure Timeline, see my video below. It is important to speak with a Hagerstown Foreclosure Lawyer to move forward with the best strategy.

Our office has expert attorneys in foreclosure cases ready to help. Call (240)-329-4616 to set up an appointment with a foreclosure lawyer today.

For additional resources see HUD’s page on the foreclosure process for Maryland residents available here. The department of Labor Licensing and Regulation also has a good description of the foreclosure timeline in Maryland, available here.