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Get a Maryland Mutual Consent Divorce Starting at just $799 plus filing fee.

This includes:

  • Attorney Representation

  • Preparing and filing of all the paperwork

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Divorce in Maryland does not have to be long or expensive. If the parties agree on the general outlines of the dissolution of their marriage and are willing to cooperate in bringing their union to a graceful end, we can help provide legal representation throughout the process for a flat fee starting at $799 plus filing fee. Below are common questions asked about uncontested divorce based on mutual consent in Maryland. Please note that what is provided below is for general information only and does not constitute specific legal advice. If you have specific questions about your situation,  or if you would like us to help with your uncontested mutual consent divorce in Maryland starting at $799 plus filing fee, please contact us or schedule a consultation

1.  What is an Uncontested Mutual Consent Divorce Maryland?

For a divorce to be considered uncontested in Maryland, it means that the parties agree on all issues surrounding the dissolution of their marriage. Mutual Consent is a specific recognized legal basis that a Court will allow for the dissolution of a marriage in Maryland. In order to get a divorce based on these grounds, mutual consent has to be pleaded specifically, and all the requirements (listed below) have to be met. 

2. How to file mutual consent uncontested divorce Maryland

In order to obtain a mutual consent divorce in Maryland all of the requirements for mutual consent divorce must be met. To be able to get an uncontested mutual consent divorce in Maryland, the court requires that the parties prepare and sign a written settlement agreement that settles all issues concerning alimony, distribution of property, family home, personal property and child custody, visitation and child support for children under the age of 18.  The signed settlement agreement must be submitted to the court as part of the divorce filings and no party must have asked to have the agreement overturned prior to the final divorce hearing. The filings should also include a joint request for an uncontested divorce hearing.

3.  How long does a mutual consent divorce take in Maryland


Uncontested divorce in Maryland how long does it take? The Maryland uncontested divorce timeline based on the grounds of Mutual Consent can be completed in a matter of weeks. Once all the required documents are prepared and filed, the court will issue an order for a Maryland uncontested divorce hearing. As part of our preparation, we will prepare clients for all the typical Maryland uncontested divorce hearing questions so they can be well prepared for the hearing. How long is an uncontested divorce hearing? If all is properly prepared, it the hearing can be completed in under 30 minutes.


4.  What is the difference between contested and uncontested divorce

The Maryland code lays out several grounds for divorce. One way to think about grounds for divorce is to think of them as formal reasons that a court will allow a person to get divorced.  Grounds for divorce in Maryland fall under two general categories: fault and no-fault grounds. Fault grounds may be thought of as where one person’s actions are the “cause” of the breakdown of the marital relationship. Fault grounds include: Adultery, Desertion, Cruel Treatment, Insanity, and Incarceration. These fault based grounds are typically contested meaning that the parties do not agree that the other party engaged in the fault based grounds. Such contested divorce matters are often long, drawn out and very expensive. No fault divorce grounds, on the other hand, are where the parties do not "blame" the other for the dissolution of the marriage and therefore, such no-fault grounds are typically uncontested. The no-fault divorce grounds in Maryland are One-year Separation and Mutual consent. This is the essential difference between contested vs uncontested divorce in Maryland.


5.  How much does an uncontested divorce cost in Maryland ?

We can help with a truly uncontested divorce in Maryland based on Mutual consent starting at just $799 plus the filing fee, that is it! Contested divorce matters based on fault grounds on the other hand, can be expensive. It is not unusual in in contested divorce matters for a legal retainer to start at upwards of $5,000 and for the total amount for legal fees in the case to be in the tens of thousands of dollars. 

6.  Where can I find an attorney near me for my Uncontested Mutual Consent  Divorce?

We are here to help. We are your local Maryland divorce and custody litigation firm. We serve clients throughout the State including in Washington County, Frederick County, and Montgomery County. Why scour the internet for a Maryland mutual consent divorce agreement template that may not be suitable for your situation, when we can help with the entire process of an uncontested Mutual Consent divorce starting at $799 plus filing fee. With our easy online scheduling, after hours phone reception and zoom and teleconference options for consultations, we are the answer to the often asked question: Where can I find a divorce lawyer near me? Book an initial consultation with one of our attorneys now at

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